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Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 Page!


Here's an overview of some of the things we do throughout the year:


Autumn Term

Our first topic is 'Meet the Flintstones' where we learn all about the Stone Age, focussing on the classic novel 'Stig of the Dump'. We have an in depth study of the artist Richard Long and investigate how to use natural materials in art.  

We then move on in time to 'The Iron Age' where we look at the changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age and learn about how trade was used in Britain during this time.


Spring Term
Our first topic is 'Total Wipeout Challenge' and is based around the greatly anticipated residential school journey to Arethusa Venture Centre in Kent.  The Year 5 children are involved in a range of indoor and outdoor team and character building activities such as archery, high ropes, rock climbing, the blind trail, initiative games and swimming.  It is a memorable time for all children, and of course....lots of fun.  Parents will get to see all that we get up to in our special assembly a few weeks after our return.

Our second topic is 'Chocolate' and our science topic is built around changing state of solids and liquids including chocolate.  In DT, we develop our entrepreneurial skills as we design and create packaging and adverts for the selling of chocolate items in our Fair Trade Cafe.

Summer Term
As avid astronomers, we investigate our universe, our solar system and find out more about how this wonderful universe works in our topic 'Gallivanting Through the Galaxies'.  We read alot of information texts as well as Science Fiction Stories.  In Art we create sculptures of the planets.
In our final topic, 'Ancient Greece', we study the wonderful Greet Myths and Legends.  There is lots of scope for art work as the children examine Greek vases, sculptures, masks and architecture.

This is also our term for swimming at Wavelengths Swimming Pool, Deptford.