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Every member of our school family can stand as spiritual, confident, positive individuals, rooted in Christian values, empowered to face life’s challenges and reach their full potential and serve their community.


St Stephen's Curriculum

St Stephen’s curriculum is founded in the school’s values, aims and mission statement


Our curriculum is based on an enterprise model that enables children to develop

resilience, creativity and reach their full potential.


Curriculum Intent:


St Stephen’s CE Primary sets out to provide its children with a curriculum that:

  • Is broad and balanced for every child – valuing all curriculum subjects
  • Develops enterprise skills
  • Is progressive - planned and sequenced
  • Is engaging and creative
  • Relates to real life situations
  • Develops character and wellbeing
  • Challenges pupils to reach their full potential
  • Seeks to develop resilience and ambition
  • Is flexible - has room to change according to the needs of particular pupils
  • Reflects the local community and looks beyond to the wider world
  • Prepares pupils to be responsible, respectful, active citizens who will serve their community.

5Rs of learning to underpin the Curriculum

Enterprise Skills


These skills for life are embedded throughout the curriculum. They are introduced within launch activities and developed during each teaching sequence. When delivering enterprise projects, children have a chance to demonstrate and refine these skills in real life contexts.

Curriculum Implementation:


Themes of work have been designed to progressively thread together the National Curriculum so pupils are consistently building on knowledge and skills in each subject.


The themes were carefully selected to:

  • maximise interest for all children
  • ensure balanced coverage of all subjects
  • reflect the culture of the school
  • maximise learning opportunities in the local area.

Nursery Curriculum Overview

Reception Curriculum Overview


Learning Overviews:

  • These map out the themes covered each half term, year by year. 
  • They show the explicit subjects taught through the theme, making meaningful links and map out wider learning experiences.
  • It is a question led curriculum to promote the skills of enquiry.
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Teaching Sequence within a Theme                                                                                                              


Each theme begins with a Launch (creative / practical / enquiry tasks) to ignite interest and 

enthusiasm and to develop key group work skills (see Launch activity documents) and works towards a finished product (display / event / enterprise project).

Distinctiveness of Subjects

Children are taught about the distinct aspects of each subject whilst enjoying the threads that link them through their themed work.

Curriculum Impact:


By the end of their time at St Stephen’s we expect that pupils will be able to:


• use reading and numeracy competently throughout all subjects


• articulate ideas and arguments with clarity and confidence using a wide range of ambitious   



• developed skills of empathy - understanding a wide range of viewpoints


• ask reasoned questions to promote their own enquiry


• evaluate what they read and hear and check using a range of sources


• generate creative ideas in response to a task, making plans and gathering what they will need to proceed


• have the capacity to complete tasks despite set backs


• reflect on their work, evaluate what they have done and make plans to improve


• use mathematical, geographical, scientific equipment effectively


• understand what it means to be part of a community and their own role within it


• be ambitious about what they set out to do


• be team players