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Art Curriculum


At St. Stephen's, our curriculum ensures that children have opportunity to explore a full range of art experiences under the following headings:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Printing
  • Sculpture and Architecture
  • Textiles and Collage


These experiences build skills and knowledge progressively, from EYFS through to Year 6.


Children study a wide range of artists from throughout history, from across continents and from a range of traditions. They learn to view works of art through questions and build technical vocabulary as they study.


They imitate the work of particular artists to build skills, then develop projects by altering medium, theme, scale, techniques or composition.

Overview of the Art Curriculum

EYFS provision for Expressive Art and Design


In the Early Years Foundation Stage, Expressive Art and Design is embedded throughout the daily provision, in both Nursery and Reception.


Creative activities are used as a vehicle and starting point for much of the children’s learning, either through imaginative role play and dressing up, small world story telling,  mask and puppet making, recreating known and imagined story settings, making creatures out of

playdough, clay or leaves, sticks… the choice of materials as a starting point is endless.

The children explore a wide range of materials and media. They explore textures, colour mixing, manipulating and joining, constructing, making decisions and refining their ideas.

The children sing and dance, learn a repertoire of songs, explore sounds and rhythms and recreate their own.


Our intent is to provide children with the materials, resources or activities that facilitate their learning or understanding of a particular topic but if they choose to use these in a different way and with a different outcome that is fine.

Our focus is very much about the process or creating and imagining and the learning journey the children make rather than the end product.

Class Art Projects

smileyCreative Art activities to do at home can be found on the Children's pages under Curriculum links.

Local Art Projects: Creating a Maritime Museum Art Exhibition

Working with Artists

Art Club

Art club runs throughout the school year and is open to all year groups from 1 - 6.

Children work on a wide range of projects using recycled materials, inspired by a wide range of artists.


Art Club Projects

Visiting Art Galleries