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Every member of our school family can stand as spiritual, confident, positive individuals, rooted in Christian values, empowered to face life’s challenges and reach their full potential and serve their community.

Lunchtime Arrangements

Children may have a school lunch or bring a packed lunch from home.


School Lunches

St Stephen's has a regeneration kitchen. There is a choice of meals, including a salad bar. There is always a vegetarian option and special dietary requirements, due to medical or religious needs, can be catered for. The menu is displayed in the lower hall. There is a continuous service at lunch time and children are called to the dining hall by the meals supervisors, beginning with the infant children. Meals are served on airline trays for Key Stage 1. A drink of water is provided for all children having a school meal. 


The catering service require meals to be ordered by 9.30am to ensure prompt service at lunch time. If you know your child is going to arrive late to school, please telephone between 8.30 - 9.30am to let us know and also to book a lunch. If you do not book a school lunch before 9.30am, please provide your child with a packed lunch. Payment for dinners should be made preferably on Mondays, for the whole week, in advance. Payment must where possible be paid via Parent Mail online app. If this is not possible then payment can be made using cash via the school office. 


As of April 2023 the cost of school lunches is £2.80 per day, £14.00 per week.  If you have a Parent Mail account, you can top up and pay for your child/ren's lunches online at any time.