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Every member of our school family can stand as spiritual, confident, positive individuals, rooted in Christian values, empowered to face life’s challenges and reach their full potential and serve their community.

Class Reps 2019/2020


Year Group Class Representative 1 Class Representative 2
Nursery Mimidoo (Mikel-Atsea)  
Reception  Viv (Phoebe) Van (Sophia)
Year 1 Jo (Tom) Sue (Elana)
Year 2 Viv (Charlotte) Linda (Kayla)
Year 3 Jo (Lottie) Sangita (Jayani)
Year 4 Anya (Harley) Stella (Luca)
Year 5 Jo (Sophie) Sue (Hope)
Year 6 Irene (Elijah O) Sangita (Dev)