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Year 1

Welcome to the Year 1 Page!


This is a great class to be in! Here's a quick look at what we get up to over the year:


Autumn term
Our first topic is 'The Land of Fairy Tales' where our imagination is free to wander. We look at traditional tales through role-play, art, music and all the core subjects. The children enjoy tapping into the characters in the stories through debates and hot seating. Our second topic is 'On The Move' where we learn about various modes of transport and how they have changed over the years. Leading up to Christmas we will be hard at work putting together our Christmas production, which is always a real treat.


Spring Term
Here we take off and look at the solar system around us in our topic 'To Infinity and Beyond'.  We research the different planets in Space and their environments.  Watch out for our amazing space models and sculptures!
In our topic 'Clean and Green', we  find out about looking after our environment by recycling many of our everyday packaging. The children have fun turning the class into a mini-recycling centre. We create our own rockets using many of the recycled materials we collect so get ready to launch!


Summer Term
Eating breakfast from around the world is what we will be doing. The children make their own healthy breakfast of fruits and cereal. We have a breakfast cafe morning where we invite parents to cook and share their own traditional breakfast from far and wide.

We investigate schools in the past as we turn back the clock into Victorian times in our topic 'Then and Now'.   The children experience the morning drill and strict Victorian teaching for a day!