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At St. Stephens we teach PHSE using the resource 3D PHSE.

This curriculum is organised into 3 core themes:


1. Health and wellbeing

• Mental well being

• Internet safety and harms

• Physical health and fitness

• Healthy eating

• Drugs , alcohol and tobacco

• Health and prevention

• Basic first aid

• Changing adolescent body


2. Relationships

• Families and people who care for me 

• Caring and friendships

• Respectful relationships

• Online relationships

• Being safe


3. Living in the wider world

• Rules and responsibilities

• Communities

• Diversity

• Collaboration

• Discriminations

• Money and finance

• Economic awareness

• Enterprise


This curriculum is a spiral curriculum: themes are revisited but with age appropriate progression.

This curriculum is supported and enriched by our collective worship themes and our  RE, PE,  ICT and Science curriculum. It also supports our enterprise projects and our study of British values.
This curriculum fulfils the statutory requirements set out by the DFE in the document below.

Proposed Additional RSE Resources 

Non-statutory Lesson for Year 4 Girls

Resources to support Parents in supporting RSE at home