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Home Learning! Take a look at some of the wonderful activities the Reception children have been doing at home!

Dear Parents/ Carers,


Due to the school closure, please find listed below a series of activities to help your child continue their learning whilst at home.  


Every day, you child should be:




You will find further ideas for home learning including phonics, maths and play based activities here on the class page! 

Links to websites and example photographs are displayed.

Suggested Activities Week Beginning 6th July

Suggested Activities Week Beginning 29th June

Suggested Activities Week Beginning 22nd June

Suggested Activities Week Beginning 15th June

Suggested Activities Week Beginning 1st June

Suggested Activities - Week Beginning 4th May

Suggested Activities & Resources for the week beginning 20th April

Summer 1 Newsletter...

Suggested Activities (Week beginning 30th March)

Below is a range of activities you could do with your child at home this week!  As this would have been the last week of term - many activities are linked to Easter! I hope you enjoy exploring these activities at home with the children.


Reading: The children should be reading and being read to every day!  There should be lots of talk about the books/ texts you have read - sharing ideas, making predictions and answering comprehension questions!

You can access Phonics comics through the following website -  (you could link the comics you read to the particular sounds you have been focussing on.)

There are also eBooks available for children to read through the following website -


Writing: Easter cards!

Make an Easter card and use your Phonics to independently write a message in your card!


Phonics: Practise any Phase 2/ 3 sounds and tricky words your child needs support with.


Maths: Number of the day!


Easter egg hunt! Who has found the most eggs?  Who has found the least? How many have we found in total?


Easter shape pictures, encouraging children to talk about & describe the shapes they have used (there was an example of this activity in the pack that was sent home.)

Exploring 3D shapes through investigating food containers - how would you describe them?  Do they roll, slide, etc?  Can you name which 3D shape they are or can you find out?


RE: In our RE lesson & Worship time, we would have focussed on the real meaning of Easter, why it is important and how we celebrate.

We would have focussed particularly on Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and we would have made our own gardens! Why not make your own garden at home too!?  Or you could draw or paint a garden!


UW/ Science: Melting Easter eggs!

Put chocolate eggs in different places - in the sun, on the radiator, in the shade, over hot water and see how long they take to melt!  Why do you think that has happened? How has the chocolate changed when it has melted? How did it feel before and how does it feel now?

If you do not have any chocolate - you could always make some ice and do the experiment using ice instead!


Have a great week! 





Learning in Reception

We have a great time in reception, lots to learn and lots to do!


Autumn Term
In the first half term our topic is 'A Few of My Favourite Things'. This gives us a chance to get to know each other. We find out all about each other's favourite colours, foods, toys and people. After half term our topic is 'Light and Dark, we love exploring light sources in our special dark tent and learn all about space. We explore the real meaning of Christmas and perform our Nativity play.


Spring Term
This term our topics are 'Toys' and 'Down on the Farm'. We learn about toys from the past and around the world. Most excitingly we plan and prepare for a teddy bear's picnic and invite our bears in from home. In 'Down on the Farm', we learn about the animals and find out how our food is grown. Each year we get the chance to watch chicks hatch from their eggs and then care for them for a few weeks before they go back to the farm.


Summer Term
The first half term our topic is 'My Amazing Machine'. We learn all about our bodies. We take part in some exciting challenges that help us to understand our senses. In the next half tern the topic is 'Minibeasts and Swishy, Swashy Fish'. Each year we collect 30 caterpillars  and watch as they turn into butterflies. We also go on a minibeast hunt around the local area.