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Welcome to the Reception Class Page!

In Reception with have a great time doing lots of different activities to help us learn & develop!

Summer 2 Newsletter - Minibeasts! Find out about just some of the things we will be doing!

Summer 1 Newsletter - Take a look at some of the fun & interesting things we will be doing after Easter!

We have been hatching chicks! It was so exciting to see & all 10 of our eggs hatched... take a look at some of the photos we took! Some of us decided to keep diaries about what was happening - you can take a look at some extracts from them too. Our writing is AMAZING!

Spring 2 Newsletter - Down on the Farm!

Spring 1 Newsletter - Find out about some of the fun things we will be doing after Christmas!

We learnt about nocturnal animals and the children had a great time independently creating some nocturnal animal art!

We created leaf art (linked to the story 'Leaf Man.')

Autumn 1 Newsletter

Reception Baseline Information


Learning in Reception

We have a wonderful time in Reception, engaging in lots of different activities & play! Below are just some of the things we do throughout the year but look out for our updates, photos & newsletters to find out more about what we do!


Autumn Term
In the first half term our topic is 'A Few of My Favourite Things'. This gives us a chance to get to know each other. We find out all about each other's favourite colours, foods, toys and people.

After half term our topic is 'Light and Dark, we love exploring light sources in our special dark tent and learn all about space. We explore the real meaning of Christmas and perform our Nativity play.


Spring Term
This term our topics are 'Toys' and 'Down on the Farm'. We learn about toys from the past and around the world. Most excitingly we plan and prepare for a teddy bear's picnic and invite our bears in from home.

In 'Down on the Farm', we learn about the animals and find out how our food is grown. Each year we get the chance to watch chicks hatch from their eggs and then care for them for a few weeks before they go back to the farm.


Summer Term
The first half term our topic is 'My Amazing Machine'. We learn all about our bodies. We take part in some exciting challenges that help us to understand our senses.

In the final half term of the year the topic is 'Minibeasts'. Each year we collect 30 caterpillars and watch as they turn into butterflies. We also go on a minibeast hunt around the local area!