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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 Page!


We have lots of fun in Year 3.  Read on to find out what we do!


Autumn Term
We begin with the exciting topic 'The Land of the Pharaohs' where we learn about many aspects of the Egyptians. We also begin swimming lessons at Wavelengths Swimming Pool, Deptford.  

We then move onto investigating stories from different cultures and times in our topic 'Tell me a Story'.  


Spring Term
Our first topic this term is 'The Iron Man' where we read this fabulous book and use it as a great inspiration for sculpture and junk modelling.   We get the opportunity to make delicious sandwiches in our second topic 'Food, Glorious Food' as well as designing adverts to encourage people to purchase our sandwiches in our 'cafe'.


Summer Term
We start the Summer Term by reading 'Charlotte's Web' and focusing on character descriptions and settings.  This is also a great topic for art work.

In 'Mapping it Out', we look at the local community. This involves looking at the local environment and the history of the area.  We always look forward to our sports day at Ladywell Fields.