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Every member of our school family can stand as spiritual, confident, positive individuals, rooted in Christian values, empowered to face life’s challenges and reach their full potential and serve their community.

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March 2022:

'Friends of St. Stephen's' is currently reforming. 

Please watch this space for more information about how you can be involved.

Here is some information about the history of the group and how it was run until Spring 2020  (prayer meetings and coffee mornings are not currently running in school):



Established in December 2012, the St. Stephen’s Parent Forum (SPF)  is a group of parent/carer class representatives who try to meet at least once a term to discuss school related issues and help raise money for our school fund.  Any parent/carer of St. Stephen’s is entitled and indeed welcome to attend Forum meetings.
Meetings are to be informal and a genuine opportunity for open discussion. Members of staff such as our head teacher, deputy head or one of the Governors will usually attend as appropriate.
The objective of the Parent Forum is to promote the partnership between the school, its pupils and the parents/carers. This can be done through engaging in discussion and activities which help support the education and welfare of the pupils. The Forum's goal is also to help fundraise for the school and organise various social events, including our ever popular Summer Fayre.
Parents/carers may ask a class representative to present an idea or make a suggestion on their behalf at the Parent Forum. Please note that all issues should be of a general nature and not related to a specific child or incident. Specific concerns about a child should be discussed with the class teachers and/or head teacher in accordance with school procedure.
Class Representatives are encouraged to share information from the Parent Forum with parents/carers of other children in their child’s class. It is envisaged that this is done by email or face to face. Relevant feedback will be distributed in newsletters and any meeting agendas and notes will also be published on the Parent Forum tab on the school’s website. 
The guiding principles are as follows:

  • to support the school, respect and listen to all views and to adopt a positive approach, focussing on constructive help and feedback;
  • to organise social events and fundraise for the school;
  • to have at least one parent/carer representing each class to give a range of views across year groups;
  • that any parent/carer can volunteer to be a class representative and where there are gaps in year groups, the Forum will invite individual parents/carers to join;
  • that members of the Parent Forum are expected to remain on the Forum for a minimum of one academic year;
  • that a Chair and Secretary (who will both be parents/carers of existing pupils at the school) of the Forum will be agreed by the Parent Forum members at the first meeting and thereafter on an annual basis; and
  • that the Parent Forum shall report to the Governing Body once each year on its activities.

Prayer meetings are held every Tuesday morning at 9.00am and Coffee mornings are held every Thursday morning in the Welcome room. A selection of beverages are available and babies and toddlers are very welcome. Do come along and join us and meet other parents.