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Times Tables

What Gets Learnt When

These posters are great study guides to help your child learn their times tables. Pin it up by their bed or have them to hand. 

Use the prompts to look for patterns.

If you require a poster and cannot print at home, feel free to email or ask at the office for the posters you require, or speak to the class teacher.

How we teach times tables at St Stephens

The key ways in which we learn times tables at St Stephens are:

• Considering which facts the children already know (from other times tables they have learnt)

• Searching for patterns

• Using a counting stick. (with strategies such as doubling and halving) See video by Jill Mansergh.

• Learning through times table songs or chanting the facts (including the use of different voices or the musical elements e.g. forte)

• Revising using the help cards/posters


We also use a range of representations, including real life examples, so this concept isn't abstract.


How we develop speed and accuracy

Children develop this through the following key ways:

• Times Table Rock Stars (see tutorials below)

• Card games

• Class practise including head to head games.

Times Table Card Packs Inroduction


Place cards face down on a table. (Alternatively an adult might hold them up in turn for a child to answer). Correct answers can be placed in one pile. Calculations the children struggled with can go on another pile. This helps to identify a limited number of facts to be focussed on.


The card packs can be used to track speed and accuracy. Record their initial speed and accuracy. After a period of practise, retest them to see how much they have improved. 

Times Table Card Pack

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If you would like to request a card pack to enable your child to practise at home, then either ask at the office, email, or speak to your child's class teacher.

Times Table Rockstars (TTRS)

Game Types on TT Rock Stars (Feb 2021)

Includes Gig, Garage, Jamming, Studio, Soundcheck, Festival, Arena and Rockslam.Read about the different game types here:

Monitoring Your Child's Progress in Times Tables (on TTRS)

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Times Table Booklets & Awards Introduction