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Dear Parents and Carers, 


Thank you for being so understanding at this time. The most important thing for all of us is to stay well and to stay safe. 


If your child has been in Nursery,  we have sent your child home with 3 picture books that they have chosen. Please enjoy them.  Additional activities have been posted on the Nursery class page too.  Please continue to check this page for updates of activities.


We have also sent a little book for you to use with your child.  Do use it however you would like.  When Nursery opens again,  we would love to see some of the things you have been doing.


You could use it to - 

  • do some mark marking or writing (It’s okay for you to scribe for them)
  • make some fun collages using pictures from magazines / comics or anything else you would like to
  • take photos of any shared family fun or activities you do and stick them in too
  • draw pictures


All the best to you and your families at this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!


Mrs. Ratcliff,  Miss. Scott and Miss. Eldergill



Learning in Nursery 


This will be a busy year of fun and exploratory learning through play.

Each half-term’s learning follows a theme, which is adapted according to the needs and interests of the children.


Autumn Term

In September we welcome lots of new children and our focus is 'All about me'. We will talk about what we like, our families, our healthy bodies and our senses. In the second half-term our theme is 'Celebrations'. We will have lots of party play. We also learn about festivals, including 'firework night' and 'Diwali'. At the end of term we have Christmas parties. We dress up and sing lots of Christmas songs and look forward to having Parents and Carers come into Nursery to join in with our singing and Christmas activities.


Spring Term

We have more new children arriving after Christmas. For the first half of this term our focus is 'Space'. Then, our theme is 'Materials' and we will be exploring lots of different types of objects and having fun with magnets, floating and sinking and seeing which materials are waterproof. We will enjoy doing lots of problem solving and constructing, for example, building houses for teddies or bridges across rivers.


Summer Term

The theme this term will be 'Animals'; from the farm, the jungle and the sea . We will also learn about dinosaurs. For the last part of the school year we will be exploring our 'Favourite Stories' alongside ‘Traditional Tales’.

We will say 'Goodbye' to many of our children who will go on to Reception Classes and we will enjoy our Nursery Sports Day too.


We run regular workshops to help Parents and Carers understand more about their child's development in different areas. These are another great opportunity for Parents and Carers to meet each other and share ideas.


All of our themes will be explored through activities indoors and outdoors. We recognise that all children learn differently and ensure we have a wide range of activities catering for children's different learning styles, abilities, needs and interests.


Further information can be found on our Class and Curriculum pages.