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School Development Plan

School Development Plan Priorities 2020-21


Main Priorities

 Success criteria

The Quality of Education


Behaviour and Attitudes


Personal Development


Leadership and Management




1.       Pupils meet expected standards in Reading, Writing and Maths at the end of the year.

2.       SEND pupils and Pupil Premium pupils making  good progress from starting points

3.       PHSE, RSE and Mental Health embedded in the curriculum

4.       Curriculum - Enrichment of subjects to embed race equality

5.       Remote learning platform in place for effective home learning




  • Reading, Writing and Maths progress at least in line with national 
  • Improved progress of disadvantaged and SEND pupils
  • Pupils Wellbeing evident in learning and personal development
  • Culture and diversity more evident in curriculum
  • Pupils confidently accessing remote learning at home to support learning.


Distinctiveness as Church of England School, Collective Worship and RE


  1. Develop links with global communities so that pupils deepen their understanding of Christianity as a worldwide faith.
  2. Increase the opportunities for pupils to visit places of worship in order to enhance their knowledge of other faiths and beliefs.
  • High quality outcomes in books and on display showing a deeper understanding of other faiths