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School Development Plan

Main Areas of Development 2017-18


Effectiveness of leadership and Management


  • To lead effectively on whole school improvement priorities to raise achievement of all pupils.
  • Challenge Partners involvement effective in sharpening leadership skills and self-evaluation.
  • Induction of new Deputy



The quality of teaching, learning and assessment



  1. Build on the current reading strategies to accelerate progress through targeted teaching of comprehension skills across all year groups
  2. Embed current intervention and whole class strategies to support pupils with low starting points, including those who have additional learning needs, so that they make substantial progress
  3. To embed skills in applying number knowledge to reasoning and problem solving with a focus on low achieving groups across the school.
  4. Curriculum planning structure for all subjects in place to allow teachers to adapt for different abilities

Outcomes for pupils

  • Bringing progress score in line or above national for Reading and Writing – maintaining or improving maths
  • Continuing to improve achievement of Disadvantage pupils, low attainers, SEND at KS1 and KS2 (focus on Years 5/4)
  • Challenging more able pupils in all Reading, Writing and Maths at KS1 and KS2 in Writing at Key Stage 2
  • Improving percentage of pupils achieving phonics in Year 1
  • Improving achievement in Science at KS1 and KS2

Personal development, behaviour and welfare



  • Maintain Outstanding behaviour across the School with a focus on boys emotional and social behaviour
  • To rewrite PHSE curriculum


Health and Safety

Maintenance and improvement


  • Maintaining Safe and aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Rolling programme of decoration and improvement

Distinctiveness as Church of England School, Collective Worship and RE


Distinctive Christian Character

  • Revisit the Mission Statement and School Values
  • Introduce a Pupil Faith team to further enhance the Christian distinctiveness of the school

Collective Worship

  • Develop the school prayer spaces and a prayer garden – January 2018 (prayer garden long term)
  • Pupils have more active role in Collective Worship.
  • Whole school teaching and workshop on the Eucharist

Religious Education

  • Curriculum - To ensure teaching of new units in place and effective. To embed the new SDBE units of work over the year, building on what went well this year and what could be developed even further.
  • Ensure curriculum resourced
  • Training on teaching new syllabus effectively

Leadership and management

  • Induction of new RE leader and Deputy Headteacher
  • Assessment effective – use Target Tracker to show progress more effectively
  • Re-envisioning of Faith Team as a key part of monitoring consistently outstanding Collective Worship and RE across the school