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School Development Plan

Main Areas of Development 2016-17


Effectiveness of leadership and Management




 To lead on whole school improvement priorities to raise achievement of all pupils.

  To raise impact of all school leaders on school improvement priorities






The quality of teaching, learning and assessment



1. To improve comprehension skills and confidence in approaching complex texts in reading across key stages with a focus on low achieving groups (Disadvantaged, Middle attainers, SEND).

2. Improve skills in applying number knowledge to reasoning and problem solving with a focus on low achieving groups across the school.

3. To use intervention groups more effectively (with reduction in support staff) in raising attainment in aspects of Reading, Writing, Maths and resilience for pupils who are below age related expectations.

4. Continue to revise curriculum planning in foundation subjects to enable teachers to have more time to focus on effective  teaching, learning and creativity

Outcomes for pupils

  • Percentage of pupils at the expected standard is above national for all subjects at the end of KS2 and KS1
  • Percentage of pupils with prior low and middle attainment reaching expected standard is increased from 2016 results
  • Progress score in 2017 above 2016 and in line or above with national.


Personal development, behaviour and welfare



5. Maintain Outstanding behaviour across the School


Health and Safety

Maintenance and improvement

  • Replace fencing around school


  • Improve school frontage