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Times Tables and Number Bonds

There should be a distinction between 'learning times table facts' (getting the facts into long term memory) and 'practise' (to improve the speed of recall)


The key ways in which we learn times tables at St Stephens are:

• Using a counting stick. (with strategies such as doubling and halving) See video by Jill Mansergh.

• Learning through times table songs or chanting the facts (including the use of different voices or the musical elements e.g. forte)

• Writing the facts down and searching for patterns

• Revising using the help cards


Children should then be given opportunity to practise their recall through activities such as through Times Table Rock Stars, card packs, head to head games.


You will find some helpful resources and links below.

Times Table Card Packs Inroduction


Place cards face down on a table. (Alternatively an adult might hold them up in turn for a child to answer). Correct answers can be placed in one pile. Calculations the children struggled with can go on another pile. This helps to identify a limited number of facts to be focussed on.


The card packs can be used to track speed and accuracy. Record their initial speed and accuracy. After a period of practise, retest them to see how much they have improved. 

Times Table Booklets & Awards Introduction