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School Journey 2017 Update


School Journey 2017

Arethusa Update

Monday 23rd January

10.19 - Year 5 arrived safely!

They are a present unpacking and everyone is very happy


16.00 - The staff say it has been an excellent start. The children enjoyed the initiative games and have been swimming.

Tuesday 24th January


The first night is over! Boys very chatty but girls slept fine. I am sure they will all sleep well tonight.

Everyone is happy and ready for the day ahead.

The children have had a great day. They have been on the climbing wall, enjoyed the archery and had fun kayaking in the pool.

Wednesday  25th January


Everyone slept well and up early to a frosty morning. They are all looking forward to the day ahead. More news later!

Great day had by all although very, very cold! The children have been doing crate stacking, bushcraft, orienteering they are now off to do swimming.

More photos below.


Thursday 26th January


Very cold today at the Arethusa but children are being kept busy and warm with plenty of hot drinks between activities. They are doing the high ropes, blind trail and shelter building today. At the moment (11.00am) they are having a swim!

More photos below.


Friday 27th January

Everyone slept well and they are all packing, ready to come home, before the morning activities start.

Parents please make sure you are on time to see your child arrive back at school and take them home. I am sure there will be several loads of washing to do!


We are expecting them back at some point from 2.00pm. Obviously it depends on traffic!